Marble Falls ISD emphasizes social and emotional learning

Education has changed, and not solely due to technology. Today’s schools are taking a more holistic approach, focusing on all aspects of a student’s growth, not just academics.

"The curriculum has three parts:

      • Stop and Think Social Skills offer elementary students special instruction on behavior expectations, including conflict management and resolution.
      • Second Step at the elementary school campuses “moves into self-regulation, mindfulness, and other statements to manage stress and other difficulties in life,” Allen said. This curriculum helps transform schools into supportive, successful learning environments uniquely equipped to help children thrive, according to the STOP program’s website.
      • Emergent Tree is a software provider committed to implementing behavioral solutions with systems focus and an instructional approach, according to the web site. Emergent Tree was used on the middle school and high school campuses."



Stacy Morgan
Post by Stacy Morgan
June 23, 2019